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Why Fit 2 Go Mobile Training?

I believe in keeping Health and Fitness simple.

I help people of all ages, stages, and levels of experience, transform their bodies and minds, to become the most empowered, healthy and strong individuals they deserve to be.

I want this to be a long-term solution. I help you create balance in your life, through sustainable workouts and nutrition -so you can be healthy for life.

There are no shortcuts- this will take hard work and dedication. But if you are ready to find balance and improve your overall being, look no further.

Get ready to transform!

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Happy Clients!

She does such a good job at planning a workout that suits your needs and goals. I have been training with Laurie for about six months now and not only have I seen a change in my body, but I also am gaining knowledge in fitness and what works best for me.


I have been training with Laurie off and on for a couple years. She is AMAZING!!!!!! I have had other trainers in the past, but honestly none compare to her. She trained me when I was pregnant, she tailored my workout routine to fit my needs. She also trained me while injured and helped me back to recovery. Now I have a baby and she gives me workouts I can do with my 8 month old. 

Stephy R.

We found Laurie Tanner. Wow. And hurray.
She is an exceptional personal trainer -- skilled, experienced, empathetic, adaptable to last-minute schedule changes, wonderfully personable, and consistently, warmly professional.

Michael D.

- Partner in fitness, friend, not fad or quick goal
- Creative workouts keep things fun
- Remote workouts for a year
- Keep bodies and therefore mental state good during shelter in place emergency

Steve M.

Look no further when it comes to Mobile Fitness.  Laurie comes to you!! Mobile fitness on the go who knew?  I am so grateful to have found a personal trainer such as this.  I have a very busy lifestyle always working,  not having time to make it to the gym or classes.  Fit 2 Go Mobile training comes to you with all the fitness workout equipment too. 

Brittany S